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GLOW Maths Hub

Rivers are a strategic partner of the GLOW Maths Hub. Maths hubs were set up to help develop maths teaching and learning across the country.


With the help of the strategic and operational partners, the GLOWMaths Hub aims to ‘shine a light’ on collaborative working across primary, secondary schools, and colleges in GLoucestershire, Oxfordshire , Worcestershire (hence the name ‘GLOW’ !) and beyond.


The GLOWMaths Hub is keen to:

·         ensure all pupils, teachers and leaders have access to support, research and innovation that will improve the enjoyment and achievement of mathematics;

·          work with successful established mathematics communities across the region, national and international partners and mathematics associations

What we are doing

Key priorities and research projects of the GLOWMaths Hub include:

  • improving the enjoyment and achievement of mathematics from Early Years to Post-16
  • strengthening the teaching and leadership of mathematics
  • helping schools and colleges with curriculum and assessment changes
  • supporting schools to develop a mastery approach to mathematics
  • improving the participation of mathematics Post-16
  • improving pupils’ resilience, and reducing “mathematics anxiety”
  • enriching the mathematics curriculum
  • improving arithmetical proficiency
  • learning from best international practice, including the England-China Research Project.


Rivers have been leading a work group this year focusing on ‘Problem Solving and Reasoning’. We have been working with 10 primary schools across Worcestershire to explore and develop ways in which we can improve these aspects in our schools, using the latest research and development.  A work group is different from a traditional course in that we facilitate discussion and sharing of ideas as well as sharing experiences from back in school. The work group has been highly successful and we hope to run a similar group next year.

The schools involved so far have been:

Cutnall Green First School

St Clement’s Primary School, Worcester

Heronswood Primary School, Kidderminster

Great Witley Primary School

Holy Trinity School, Kidderminster

St Barnabas Primary School, Worcester

St Matthias Primary School, Malvern

Sytchampton Endowed Primary School

Norton Juxta Kempsey Primary School

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